Ahmet Ertuğrul

Associate Professor Ahmet ERTUGRUL was born in Sandıklı, Afyon. After getting his bachelor’s degree from Faculty of Political Science, Ankara University, he received his MA degree at Vanderbilt University, USA. He completed his PhD studies in the Department of Economics at Ankara University in 1981. Ahmet ERTUGRUL served as - Chief of the Chartered Bank Supervisors Board, - General Manager and CEO of Halk Bank, - General Manager of Turkish Exim Bank, - Chairman and Executive Board Member in various private banks, - Executive Board Member of Turkish Airlines He thought Macroeconomics, Monetary Theory and History of Economic Thought at Ankara University and Bilkent University. He has three published books named Budget Public Deficit, Money Stock and Inflaion, Monetary Theory, Efficiency of Turkish Banks (with Osman Zaim) and other publications on various topics.