Personal Research Fund (PRF) for Faculty Members

Members of the faculty are granted a maximum net of 3.000 TL from the PRF. The amount of the PRF grant can be increased by decision of the University Executive Board (UEB) and the approval of the Board of Trustees at annual budget meetings. Faculty members are responsible for the amounts exceeding the grant allotted to them. In other words, overspending will not be reimbursed. Income earned by faculty members through consulting and credited to the PRF, is transferable to the next year. Institutional grant is for that fiscal year only.

Uses of the PRF:

The PRF is designed to help the faculty members improve themselves in their respective academic fields. The standard usage is for conference participation where a paper is presented . Papers are expected to be subject to referee evaluation and to bear TEDU affiliation of the author. Different, discipline specific, unusual usage is possible provided it is approved by the Dean and it does not block conference participation opportunities of the faculty member.


Member of the faculty submits the completed application form to the Department Head and the Dean, noting any nonstandard requests with due justification. The Department Head and the Dean submit their views to the Rector on the same form. UEB decision is needed to legitimize relavant payments. UEB holds its meetings weekly; however, it is advisable to start the application process one month in advance particularly if nonstandard procedures are needed. Faculty members are expected to account for make-ups if they miss class hours; activities exceeding 5 workdays are not allowed during Fall or Spring semesters, 3 workdays during the summer term.

Both an academic and a financial report are expected for every activity funded, decribing the academic gains and expenses in full. Except for daily allowances, all expenditures to and from the conference venue have to be documented (invoice, bill, receipt etc.) for the faculty member to be reimbursed. Expenditures are accounted for in Turkish Lira. Reimbursement is deposited into the faculty member’s salary/payroll account within two weeks. Expenditures in other currencies are converted into Turkish Lira according to the official effective sales exchange rates of the Turkish Central Bank on the day of the purchase or on the first day of travel of the faculty member (if the day coincides with a holiday, the exchange rate will be based on the next business day’s rate).

Faculty members can request an advance payment based on estimates. In order to qualify for an advanced payment, approval of purchase/travel has to be granted two weeks in advance. The outstanding balance has to be cleared within two weeks of the purchase/travel. Date of purchase/travel determines its fiscal year.

Transportation to and from the conference/activity venue, registration fee, visa fee, travel abroad fee and daily allowance are reimbursed for out of town travels. Members of the faculty who do not prefer a daily allowance can request to be reimbursed for the amount they spend (accommodation/meals) provided that they can document these. In case of air transportation, only economy class tickets are reimbursed.

The daily allowance is paid for the number of the days of the conference plus two (2) days.

On Travel Abroad, the maximum daily allowance is €150/day in Turkish Lira. For domestic travel and travel to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), the maximum daily allowance is TL120/day. In case of accommodation financed by other means, 1/3 of the above mentioned allowances are paid. Members of the faculty may request payments lower than the per day maximums.