TEDU Scientific Research Projects (SRP)

Scientific Research Projects (SRP) are support programs for TEDU faculty members to revitalize the academic research environment and make new research possible. This support program aims to evaluate project proposals, approve and support them, provide services required by them, observe their progress, evaluate the results and to share them with the public. It is basically provision of seed funding. Although SPR aims to support research projects, projects regarding application of new educational methods also fall within its framework. It is important that the projects focus on research priorities of the university.


Who can apply?


Each Project Executive is required to be a TEDU faculty member.




Applications are first evaluated by the SRP Commission. If required, the SRP Commission can form an expert commission and request council. Projects which pass the evaluation start after they receive approval from the Rector and the UEB. Supported projects are announced on the TEDU website. The SRP commission which is assigned to a project is responsible for monitoring the project and evaluating the end report. Within three months of concluding the project, the final report containing the results of the research is required to be submitted to the commission. Also, the texts of any presentations made at scientific meetings and publications have to be presented together with the final report. Publications regarding the project have to state that they are supported by TEDU SRP support. Copyright of scientific results belong to TEDU.




To apply, a TEDU SRP Application Form is required. A completed hard copy version of the form has to be submitted to the TEDU Rectorate Executive Assistant. If the project requires approval of the Ethics Commission, the Ethics Commission Approval Form is required together with the application form. Project applications can be in Turkish or English.


All the fields in the application form have to be filled in completely. Any kind of required equipment purchases and how these will contribute to the research potential of the university need to be explained. Pro Forma invoices for the equipment purchase requests have to be included with the application form. Any kind of purchased equipment and books are considered University property and must be returned to departments and to the university library when the project ends.


For the 2014-2015 research year, short-term projects, projects requiring small funds and R&D projects are prioritized. All allocated funds have to be used by August 31, 2015. The dealine for application to TEDU Scientific Project is September 30 2014.


For Information: (SRP Commission)

Figen Çok
E: figen.cok@tedu.edu.tr
T: (312) 585 01 02

Nergiz Dinçer
E: nergiz.dincer@tedu.edu.tr
T: (312) 585 00 38

Derin İnan
E: derin.inan@tedu.edu.tr
T: (312) 585 00 21