Türkiye’nin Kariyer Öncüleri ile Sohbetler – Kartal Usluel

Kariyer Öncüleri ile sohbetlerimizde Şubat ayının ikinci konuğu Usluel Grup Şirketleri Genel Müdürü Sayın Kartal Usluel oldu. Kendini tanıtan Sn. Usluel, kariyer planları için gelen öğrencilerimize mezuniyetleri sonrası akademik, özel sektör veya devlet, bir de girişimcilik yapmak gibi alternatifleri olduğundan bahsederek sohbetine başladı.


Conversations with Turkey's Career Pioneers – Ahmet Eti

The first guest of February in Conversations with Turkey’s Career Pioneers was the CEO of Sebit, Ahmet Eti. Mr. Eti started the conversation by presenting himself and told us the coincidental story of his career in the sector of education.

When Mr. Eti started working in TUBITAK which was then an institute that employed only engineers. There, he proved the need for employing professionals from other fields and privatised their project under the name of Sebit (Education and Information Operation Technologies).


Conversations with Turkey's Career Pioneers – Sevinç Atabay

This week’s guest on Conversations with Career Pioneers was Turkish Education Association and TED Ankara College General Director Sevinç Atabay. After having explained she was diagnosed with ADD when she was a child, Mrs Atabay emphasized the importance of rendering the classes interesting and appealing so as to maintain the motivation and the concentration of the students.


Conversations with Turkey's Career Pioneers – Murat Salim Esenli

Second guest of this week’s Conversations with Career Pioneers was Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Murat Salim Esenli. Mr Esenli expressed his contentment of being present at the premises of TED years after his graduation and began his conversation with a quotation from Confucius: “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Then Mr Esenli went on explaining how he shaped his own career.


Conversations with Turkey's Career Pioneers – Hakan Özman

The guest of the week of Conversations with Career Pioneers is the CEO of GAMA, Hakan Özman. Mr Özman after having introduced himself, talked about his company’s ongoing national and international operations. He mentioned to students that mid-twenties pass with self-discovery, that they will start taking on responsibilities and grow. Mr Özman recommended the students to find out their personal areas of interest and to read a lot in order to expand their perspectives.


Conversations with Turkey's Career Pioneers – Barış Ruacan

The second guest of this week’s conversations with Career Pioneers is the General Director of Qualcomm Turkey, Barış Ruacan. Mr Ruacan, initiating his speech by introducing himself explained that he studied civil engineering, obtained his MBA in America and that he benefited a lot from his engineering education in his professional life. Mr Ruacan began his career in the Silicon Valley then realising that the mobile phone sector offers appealing opportunities he began working for Nokia and came back to Turkey to establish the Turkey branch of the firm.


Conversations with Turkey's Career Pioneers – Ahmet Aslan

We made an innovation on this week’s Career Pioneers Conversations and paid a visit to Ortadoğu Rulman Industry and Trade Inc.’s factory in Polatlı upon the kind invitation of our career pioneer Ahmet Aslan. We had a tour around the factory in groups and found out about the production chain of ball bearing. After the visit we were hosted by Ahmet Aslan, the CEO of the factory and the General Director Dr. Feridun Özhan gave a briefing to our future engineers. Mr. Özhan laid stress on the importance of career planning according to one’s own competencies and specialisation.



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