Message from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Turkish Education Association is honoured to be the largest educational civil society organization in Turkey with an experience of 89 years. TED University has confidently set forth five years ago to create a real difference in higher education in Turkey and got ahead a long way in a short time. We seek for creating a university which will become a model in Turkish higher education with our modern educational program, dynamic faculty and students. 

We are encouraged by our historical mission and large TED community on this journey. We target our students to become responsible members of the society who will contribute to the development of the country with the privilege of being a member of the TED community. We orientate our students to initial vocational areas and we encourage them to grow into creative, modern and critical individuals who can adapt easily to changing global conditions. 

As TED University, we pay attention to our students’ socio-cultural achievements as well as their academic success. We enable them to actively participate socio-cultural activities and provide the required culture-arts and sports facilities for them. 

We expand our cooperation areas through common projects with prestigious international universities and we develop our capacity to carry out the best examples in our university. 

We establish industrial collaborations and foster our students to gain real life experiences in order to realise our prior target of service for implementation. 

Our university has an educational scholarship program including the Merit Scholarship, Needs Based Scholarship, Work-Study Scholarship, Admission Scholarship, Sports Scholarship and Sibling Scholarship which we provide to all our students accordingly. 

The medium of instruction in all the faculties and departments of TED University is English and we are certain that our graduates will be ‘different and privileged’ individuals. 

As a young university we take firm steps forward in order to contribute to the future of our country and realise our objectives and dreams.

S.Selçuk Pehlivanoğlu
TED University Chairman of the Board of Trustees