Mission and Vision


TED University will provide the best educational experience to its students and become one of the leading private not-for-profit universities in Turkey.


TED University carries the mission of fostering graduates that are creative, critical-minded, self-confident, well-rounded lifelong learners by using innovative teaching methods and curricula that have a proper depth-to-breadth balance required by global knowledge economies. TED University, which holds pride in being transparent, accountable and trustworthy, is and will always be a learning institution aiming at continuity and sustainable development and at contributing to the world of science by generating new knowledge through a wide range of scholarly research and creative efforts in focus areas of institutional priority.

Core Values

Respect for ethical values,
Integrity, solidarity and mutual respect,
Progressive and secular institutional position,
Excellence in teaching and research,
Robust and integrated quality culture,
Partnership and cooperation spirit,
Stakeholder participation,
TED tradition.