Rector's Message

Belgin AyvaşıkTED University is a young, dynamic, and a progressive higher education institution in Ankara, Turkey. It was founded by TED foundation in 2012. Although the University is young, the foundation supports an 89-year-old educational tradition. It has been the flag bearer of progressive primary and secondary education in Turkey since the early years of the Republic.

With the commitment to quality education in its DNA, TED University becomes the final link in TED’s education tradition.

We believe that the future of our country, region, and humanity will depend on well-educated people and strong leaders. Our programs are designed to educate these leaders. TED University values the importance of liberal arts education and prepares its graduates for leadership roles of the 21st century. TED students and alumni will be ready to take on the challenges of today’s rapidly changing world. Uncertainty will not discourage those who are prepared and those who take pleasure in learning. Critical thinking, self-expression, art and its appreciation, celebration of diversity, ethics, and collaboration are some of the qualities we cherish strongly at TED University. Along with these basic skills, our students graduate with solid knowledge of their profession and areas of interest.

Research, discovery, and quest for truth are the critical characteristics of a university. TED University is aware of these responsibilities and devotes itself to create an intellectual environment where both students and faculty members can conduct productive and effective research together.

TED University provides its students with the opportunity to reflect on life and get to know themselves in the early years of their education. That is why we allow students to choose their majors at the start of the second year. They are allowed to experiment with different fields in during their core curriculum periods.

TEDU believes in the value of internationalization and power of globalization. English is the medium of instruction and our students can express themselves both in Turkish and English effectively. They are encouraged to take advantage of our vibrant Erasmus and other exchange programs with the world’s reputable universities.

Rather than aiming at rapid growth, TED University is committed to remain a boutique university.  It is a cozy learning community in which the distinguished academic and administrative staff focus on the educational and developmental needs of their students. We proudly declare to be a student oriented university. We are determined to create a unique institution with commitment to excellence.

We believe that an individual learns better when he/she is a part of a tightly knit community. Our campus life creates the right social environment for our students to feel that communal bond. As a typical city university, it is important for our students to assume their social responsibility towards their community and environment. We take pride in graduates who can accomplish not only personal achievements but also greater goods for humanity.

We have no doubt that the graduates of TED University will become successful leaders as businessmen/women, public officers, educators, entrepreneurs, politicians, civil society volunteers, and change agents.

We strongly believe that TED University will play a significant role in the transformation of our country and our region in the coming years. Through our educational, research, and social contributions we will shape the future of our society. This confidence in our programs and belief in public good will be our motivation to work tirelessly and decisively.

Hereby, we invite students, academics, and educators who believe that they can excel and be productive in such an environment to find out more about our university and to join our community.

Professor H. Belgin Ayvaşık
TED University Acting Rector