TEDU Research Endorsements

TEDU Research Endorsements are provided for the given subjects:

Personal Research Fund: PRF provides financial support to individual research expenses of faculty members.

Institutional Research Fund: Preferably on inter-disciplinary areas IRF provides funding for project ideas to produce scientific, technological or social impact.

Undergraduate Research Fund: URF encourages undergraduate level students to research activities.

Selected Excellence Development Fund: In line with the institutional research strategy, SEDF is provided for strengthening the research areas of TEDU.

Academic Publication Award: In order to promote internationally recognized scientific publications, authors of articles, books, and monographs are rewarded. Please click for more information about rules & regulations

Conference Participation Grant for Research Assistants: This grant supports conference participation fee, transportation and travelling expenses of research assistants. Conference presentations should refer to research activities conducted in TED University. This grant does not support academic presentations showing the results of any academic activity (research projects, thesis, etc.) which are conducted in other universities. Please refer to institutional directive for conference participation grant (only in Turkish) for more information.

For more information: TEDU Project Office