The Foundation

S. Selçuk Pehlivanoğlu has been re-elected as the Turkish Education Association Chairman at the TED General Assembly on 27.02.2005. At the 46th Executive Meeting on 26.12 2006, realised under the chairmanship of S. Selçuk Pehlivanoğlu, it has been decided to establish the “Turkish Education Association, Higher Education Foundation” (TEDYÜV). In line with this decision, the foundation voucher has been issued and TEDYÜV has acquired legal entity status on 22.02.2007.

The Foundation has initiated the groundwork for the establishment of TED University and submitted the foundation dossier to the Council of Higher Education on 27.08.2007.
Based on the Additional Clause No.117 of the Establishment of Higher Education Institutions Law No. 5913, accepted by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on 23.06.2009 and in line with the related provisions of the Higher Education Law, the establishment of the foundation university with a legal entity under the name of TED University has been accepted and published in the official gazette on 07.07.2009, issue 27281.

TED Ankara College has decided to become the founding partner of TEDYÜV and the decision has become legitimate on 25.03.2010, decision No. E 2010/159 of the Ankara 20th Civil Court of General Jurisdiction. The Foundation Voucher has been issued by the Ankara Notary Public No. 16 on 08.03.2010, operation No. 06348.

TED Higher Education Foundation has become a foundation co-founded by the Turkish Education Association and TED Ankara College as a result of these legal initiatives.

The TEDYÜV Executive Board has delegated the duties on 31.20.2013 as indicated below: