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TEDU Without Barriers



The aim of TEDU without Barriers Unit is to carry studies based on voluntary, confidential, accessible and egalitarian principles in order to eliminate or minimize the disadvantages which might stem from any kinds of physical and/or psychological disabilities within the TEDU campus, thus negatively affect the learning and working environment.

Unit Coordinator:

Assistant Professor, Emrah Keser

Members of TEDU without Barriers Committee


Confidentiality: TEDU without Barriers provides services for TEDU members who ask for assistance confidentially. The acquired personal information is not revealed to third parties without permission.

Volunteering: The assistance services offered by TEDU without Barriers are based on volunteering. TEDU members ask for assistance, completely on their own will. The individuals who voluntarily ask for assistance are expected to take their own responsibility.  

Equal Opportunity: TEDU without Barriers provides services with the support of respective TEDU members and units. The activities aim at reducing the disadvantages stemming from disabilities such as organising the educational and evaluation procedures and the working environment. The studies which enable equal opportunities for all TEDU members do not involve positive discrimination.


Academic Adaptation: Academic adaptation service involves realising the required adaptations concerning the education and evaluation process for the students with certified disabilities who apply to the unit for assistance. First the disability certificate of the student is evaluated, then the required adaptations to be made at the courses, classes and exams are reported to the student and his/her faculty following the interview made with the student. Both the student and the committee members of his/her faculty can be consulted during this process.

Campus Orientation: The student with physical disability who asks for assistance receives and orientation program during the first three weeks of the semester about the educational procedures and the campus life with the help of a voluntary student.

Resource Support: Within the scope of collaboration between our unit and the TEDU library, the books found at the TEDU library are provided to the students with disabilities in digital format upon their request. The unit also seeks for collaboration opportunities with the respective units of other universities. 

Faculty Member and Personnel Consultancy: The academic adaptation framework and the adjustments made in the educational processes are reported to the committee member of the respective faculty upon request. The academic consultants of the students can ask for the assistance of our unit concerning the adjustments and adaptations to be made during the course registration process. It is important to respect the decisions of the TEDU without Barriers Committee in order to realise the required adaptations.

Transport: TEDU students with physical disabilities can ask for the assistance of voluntary students in order to safely transit from the two main campuses of TEDU.

Audio Recording: If requested by visually impaired students, certain course materials can be transformed into audio recordings by the help of voluntary students.

Monitoring and Evaluation: TEDU without Barriers Committee monitors the carried activities and takes the necessary precautions to meet the emergent re-organization requirements. 

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