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CMPE 101

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Introduction to Information Technologies

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(2+0+2) 3 TEDU Credits, 5 ECTS Credits

Catalog Description:

Information technology concepts. The computer and its peripheral units. Widely used software. Information storage and retrieval. Information input and output. Networks and networking. Internet. Windows environment. Linux environment. HTML. Computer graphics and multimedia. Computer security.

Pre-requisites & Co-requisites:

Pre-requisites: NONE
Co-requisites: NONE

Laboratory Work - 40% 
Hands-on Classroom Activities - 40% 
Final Exam - 20%

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Required Reading: 
1. Computers Are Your Future 12th ed., Pearson.
Course Objective: 

This course aims to prepare the students to a life long computer experience. In this course we aim to create an awareness of the importance of using information technologies both in academic and industrial life. We aim to provide the necessary knowledge and skills for efficiently using a computer, especially the common office software used in workplaces.

Extended Description: 

Information technology concepts. The computer and its peripheral units. Widely used software. Storing and retrieving information. Information input and output. Networks and networking, Internet. Windows environment, Linux environment. Computer use ethics. Privacy, security and legal issues in computer use.

Learning Outcomes: 

Upon succesful completion of this course, a student will be able to
1. Identify the hardware components of a computer system
2. Identify the operating system and software components of a computer system
3. Use IT terminology
4. Operate a computer to manage files, browse the web and send emails
5. Recognize the important ethical, legal and security issues related to using a computer
6. Use a common word processor software
7. Use a common spreadsheet software
8. Use a common presentation software

Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods: 
Peer Teaching
Oral Presentation
Hands-on Activities
Web Searching
Assessment Methods and Criteria: 
Test / Exam
Labrotary Work
Peer Evaluation
Presentation (Oral/Poster)

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