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ECON 402_O

Course Title:

Graduation Paper and Seminar

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(3+0+0) 3 TEDU Credits, 8 ECTS Credits

Catalog Description:

Undertake an independent research. Gain and demonstrate proficiency in a strand of literature chosen by the student in collaboration with an advisor. Writing an analytical research paper. Presentation in written and oral form.

Pre-requisites & Co-requisites:

Pre-requisites: ECON 401
Co-requisites: NONE
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Course Objective: 

This course aims to enable students to apply economic theory to real world problems and concerns, to learn the vast array of information available to economists over the Internet and in the library, to learn where resources and data can be located. Course objectives include using statistical methods to analyze and evaluate the application of economic theory and reasoning, and gaining an appreciation for the value of economic reasoning and research, while also recognizing the limitations of its application. Students will also learn to write an effective research paper and be able to effectively present it to your fellow students.

Extended Description: 

Critical reading. Selection of Topic. Literature Review. Conceptualizing the Research, Sources of Data. Sampling. Examining the Data. Survey Design. Formulation of Hypothesis. Statistical Methods, Hypothesis Testing. Regression Method. Qualitative Data Gathering and Analysis. Writing in Research. Communicating the Results. Preparing Presentation. Organizing and completing the Research Project in Stages.

Computer Usage: 
Students will use Stata 12, MS Office applications (Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint) to work on their weekly assignments about 2 hours a week.
Learning Outcomes: 

Upon succesful completion of this course, a student will be able to
1. Review the relevant literature; collect data from various sources. 
2. Develop a clear and specific research question to which the tools of empirical economic analysis can be applied. 
3. Adapt an economic model for your research question. 
4. Develop a testable hypothesis from the model. 
5. Find and collect data to test your hypothesis. 
6. Use statistical analysis to test the hypotheses. 
7. Offer constructive criticisms to peers, and communicate findings orally. 
8. Utilise effectively statistical and other packages. 
9. Analyse and evaluate published research.

Planned Learning Activities and Teaching Methods: 
Problem Solving
Case Study/Scenarion Analysis
Oral Presentation
Hands-on Activities
Web Searching
Assessment Methods and Criteria: 
Test / Exam
Written Project
Presentation (Oral/Poster)

Student Workload:

Report on a Topic

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Jülide Yıldırım Öcal

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