A Message from the Rector Regarding Ankara Terrorist Attacks

On March 13, 2016, our beloved country has once again fallen into painful silence due to the horrific terrorist bombing.  Faced again with the all too familiar feeling of an overwhelming sense of loss and injustice, we are deeply hurt, and find ourselves lost in mourning and anger. In sorrow, we extend our hands and hearts to those who have lost their loved ones but we know that it is simply not enough, that their sorrows are unbearably heavy burdens to bear.
Our country experiences incredible beauties and unacceptable atrocities simultaneously. Only six months ago we proudly celebrated as a nation when one of our own, Aziz Sancar received the Nobel prize in chemistry and yet this same country has experienced the third bombing in its capital city since then. Many lives have been lost, many more have been forever damaged, and all of us find ourselves staring down the depths of sorrow.   And yet we must remain resolute that we will simply not give up. That our sorrow is deep but our will to work towards a better Turkey is deeper.  All of us, institutions and individuals alike, have to work harder, with a greater sense of urgency and determination towards a brighter future.  We cannot let terror and fear stop us from living our way of life and striving towards something better. We cannot lose this fight to terrorists, despots and criminals. We have to find better solutions by championing rational thinking, and innovative ideas within a democratic framework, and nurturing the great potential of Turkey now more than ever.
That is why we are determined to keep our university’s doors open and continue our education. We are working hard to make sure our students are safe and mentally strong. We are working tirelessly to create an environment where we can support each other, listen to each other, and learn from each other. Let us continue to nourish this much needed place of learning and community, that can serve as a place of light on these dark days in Ankara.    
At TED University, we are committed to continue our efforts to offer quality higher education. We share deeply the pain of families who have lost loved ones. Our hearts and thoughts are with them and with our mourning nation.

Murat Tarimcilar

Rector, TED University