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Covid 19 Agenda

Covid-19 Agenda

On this page you will find information about the measures and regulations implemented by TED University during COVID-19 pandemic.


In has become inevitable to initiate a distance education program in order to prevent interruption in education activities due to COVID-19 pandemic which introduced drastic changes both nationwide and at global level. Distance education has been launched on Monday, March 23rd 2020 upon expeditious completion of its basic substructure setup within TEDU.  Click here for distance education program at TEDU which has been realized in a very short time with the collaboration of related parties during COVID-19 pandemic, as well as courses and applications included in the program and informative and supportive activities carried out for students.

Because of the drastic changes reflected in education activities and working conditions due to COVID-19 pandemic, a need has arisen to support the students and employees in their efforts to adapt to the emerging conditions. Click here for meetings, webinars, and other online events focusing on COVID-19 pandemic organized by TEDU to this end.

TED University faculty members continue to publish their studies within the scope of their own fields during COVID-19 pandemic. Click here for the publications about COVID-190 pandemic issued within TEDU.

Click here for the community service practices offered by TEDU with regards to COVID-19 pandemic

Click here for the details on planning activities following the onset of COVID-19 pandemic for distance education program to be implemented in the next semester at TEDU.

Click here for the activities carried out during COVID-19 pandemic and the principles to observe.

Click here for the commitment form on the principles to observe during COVID 19 pandemic