This year’s Nafi Atuf Kansu Pedagogy Research Award has been granted to Assistant Professor Adile Gülşah Saranlı

Asst. Prof. Adile Gülşah Saranlı, who is currently a faculty member in our department of elementary education, was granted the “Nafi Atuf Kansu Pedagogy Research Award”, which is given yearly to a single article among publications in the educational research area in Turkey. This year’s award was granted to Asst. Prof. Saranlı for her article titled “The Effects of the SENG Parent Education Model on Parents and Gifted Children” and will be presented to her during a ceremony on November 13, 6.00 pm in Ankara University’s 100. yıl Hall. 

The “Nafi Atuf Kansu Pedagogy Research Award” is granted once a year by his family with the goal of commemorating his intellectual legacy and his name, by ensuring continued dissemination of values and principles he followed throughout his life, encouraging accomplishments of exemplary and visionary institutions and researchers contributing to the development of our country, and acknowledging and empowering  individuals conducting both theoretical and applied research within the field of pedagogy.