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First Equip with Knowledge, Then Choose Your Major


Students who are admitted to the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering have chosen their faculties, not their departments.

TEDU students, who have the chance to choose their department after a year of common faculty program, will have the opportunity to make a more sagacious choice thanks to this system being implemented only in two universities in Turkey.

Common Core and Secondary Field

In the first four semesters of their study, our students take one common area course in the categories of Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, Humanities, Literature and Art. The number of common core courses to be taken in each semester varies according to the faculty and department programs.

Thanks to the TEDU Holistic Education Model, every TEDU student graduates after successfully completing a secondary field program. Students who have completed their first three semesters can choose a secondary field program. Secondary field programs, which vary according to the faculties, are announced by the departments. Secondary field programs include Communication and Critical Media Studies, General Psychology, World Citizenship, Law, and Applied Data Analytics, etc. The number of courses to be taken in each semester varies according to the department programs.