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Cansu Canaran

Cansu Canaran

Cansu Canaran

Assistant Professor

Department of City and Regional Planning

Faculty Member

Graduated from TED Ankara College High School. Received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Middle East Technical University (METU). Completed his doctoral degree at METU in 2009 as having a position at Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, New York (2003-04) as a visiting scholar.

As a part time instructor, he participated to the Urban Design Graduate Program at METU between 2005-2021. During this period, parallel to his academic studies, Canaran continued his professional work at the confluence of Architecture and Urbanism. Through his design practice, he has undertaken design projects and consultancies on both architectural & urban scales; and developed master plans and urban design projects in multiple cities. In addition, he has prepared design briefs and been jury member of several international architectural & urban design competitions. Cansu Canaran has been lecturing at TED University at graduate and undergraduate level as assistant professor since April, 2016. 

His research interests include urban design theory and method; basic design; urban morphology; form theory and representation; design and creativity; adaptive reuse of industrial heritage; campus master planning; and film, photography & media representations of architecture and the city.