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Practices Implemented against COVID-19 at TEDU

Our university has complied with the procedures issued by the official authorities and the Council of Higher Education since the onset of the pandemic, and has taken a swift action by creating solutions aligned with the planning prepared by the Office of the Rector and the Secretary General in terms of distance work and online distance education. A Pandemic Committee has been established in order to carry out planning activities of the precautionary measures to be taken against COVID-19 pandemic, to advise the senior management through collaboration with the relevant department directors, to monitor and ensure the application of precautionary measures introduced by the senior management, including hygiene and sanitation, to supervise and coordinate internal and external communication of the University, and to prepare and update COVID-19 Pandemic Contingency Plan. During the pandemic, stage-by-stage activities to be performed and the roadmaps to be followed in the University have been focused on the measures designed for the use of campus facilities as well as personal sanitation and hygiene.

In order to provide an alternative option for those students who do not have access to digital media, we have made our computer lab equipment available to use between 09:00-18:00 hours for the students who are registered at higher education institutions and who did not have Internet access. Students who wish to benefit from this service are required to fill in and sign the forms below and send them to Students will be asked to declare their student IDs as they enter the campus.


Click here for further information about obtaining an indefinite HES code.

Please fill in the Health Information Form in order to update the Health Center about your current condition:

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