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Journey to the Past through the Eyes of an Author, featuring Ayşe Kulin, Republic Era Writer


Another event was held at TED University to commemorate the Centenary of the Republic.

TEDU Media Club organized an interview and autograph session featuring the famous author Ayşe Kulin with the theme "Journey to the Past through the Eyes of an Author". Staff members and students showed great interest in the event held at Ahmet Ersan Conference Hall on November 3, 2023. After the interview, attended by approximately 200 people, Ayşe Kulin autographed the books for her readers.

Ayşe Kulin Returns Home

During the event held in honor of the Centenary of the Republic, Ayşe Kulin expressed how happy she was to be on the campus of TED Ankara College, where she had studied. Sharing her childhood memories in Ankara and the perception of the Republic of that period, the famous author both enlightened her audience and made them enjoy an unforgettable day with a pleasant conversation.

Emphasizing the importance of women's contribution to society in her speech, Ayşe Kulin reminded especially female students how valuable they are to the republic and the value of women's presence in business life for the development of a society.

As TED University, we are delighted to welcome our esteemed author Ayşe Kulin, who has millions of readers and whose books have been translated into many languages. We would like to thank Ms. Kulin, who inspires young people with her works, for this very valuable meeting.